5 things to consider for your bakery or cafe packaging

5 things to consider for your bakery or cafe packaging

Hey you. Yeah, you. The server of sublime coffee, the glazer of downright immaculate doughnuts, and the maker of delightful sweet and savoury goods that even your grandmother would be proud of. So we know that you know how delicious everything you touch is, but does everyone else know that too?

The truth is, you can offer the best products in the game and still not get the recognition you deserve if you don’t market your bakery or café’s brand to its fullest. Regardless of whether you have a steady flow of regular customers or not, you should always look for new ways to get your name noticed, appreciated, and passed on.

And what better way to showcase your brand and wow your customers than by investing in custom stickers and labels for all of your food and drink items? (This is a hypothetical question). You offer a variety of delectable goodies, and they are all unique in their own way. Custom stickers allow you to celebrate each one while giving your brand room to grow and introduce new products or flavors without ordering new packaging.

We’ve ‘whipped up’ a few things we want you to know in order to make your bakery or café stand out from your bland muffin’d competitors. 


1. Care about your brand’s personality

Do you ever feel used? Like everyone is just walking in on you, taking something you’re offering and then leaving? Do you feel like your goodies are the only thing that’s keeping them around and coming back for more?

Well, you can be much more than just a convenient location to someone needing their caffeine or sweet tooth fix. You have a beautiful, charming personality that you should show off to all your customers and let them introduce to their friends.

Picking up a muffin or a bagel in a plain pouch, a sandwich wrapped in clear cellophane, or a cake in a white box is not nearly as special as picking up a treat that’s dressed to impress. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll eat both of them either way, but only one of them is going to end up on my Instagram.

Using custom labels and stickers to remind your customers that you’re made with love and appreciate their business, making you more personal, and letting them feel valued. You deserve to be remembered, so get your logo out there, build a loyal customer base, and watch your brand grow.

2. Maximize marketing potential with the types of packaging in your industry

The Sleeve:

  • What does the jacket for your java look like? A lot of smaller boutique cafes opt for plain craft coffee sleeves to cut costs. We totally get that because we know how expensive it can be to order custom printed stuff with the teensiest bit of color and flair.

  • Add a printed sticker of your logo on both sides of the cardboard sleeve to brand that cup of joe or tea. You add a dollop of personality with a sliver of the cost.

The Box:

  • If you sell pastries, cupcakes or macorons, your customers need boxed bakery packaging to take their treats on the go, often for a special occasion/event or as a gift. This is a great opportunity to build your brand reputation and expand your customer base.

  • Incorporating custom box packaging for each goodie is expensive, and using umbrella packaging limits your creativity in showing off each product. Buying plain white boxes in various sizes is both easy and affordable, and you can use custom stickers and labels to decorate your boxes and differentiate your products.

The Cello or Pouch Bag:

  • Clear cellophane bags are frequently used to package brownies and cookies, and the opaque pouch bag is perfect for storing coffee beans. While we know that you’re ensuring good quality presentation, adding labels and stickers customized for your brand can create an (even more) aesthetically pleasing, professional look. 

The Wrap Paper

  • Both cafés and bakeries use deli wrap, butcher or parchment paper for a variety of purposes. Whether it’s to bag a muffin, bagel, croissant, or wrap a sandwich, this can be used as a great opportunity to make your customers feel like they are buying high-quality product from a place that stands out from the crowd. You can use plain paper wrap and seal the deal with a custom designed sticker to make them feel like they’re unwrapping something special.

    3. Determine your sticker or label’s shape and size

    The type of label you choose for a product in your café or bakery will depend on a few things. Let’s go over some of your options:

    The Round Sticker:

    • Round or circular labels are incredibly versatile and can be used for almost every product in your bakery or café. You can add a 1.5” label to your coffee or tea beverage sleeves or use it as a seal for any cello pouches storing brownies, cookies, or butcher paper hugging a delicious sandwich. 

    The Rectangular Sticker:

    • If you’re selling a cake, cupcakes or a large box of baked goods, you will probably be opting for a bigger bakery box. A rectangular, 5” x 4”, 6” x 4” or 8” x 6” custom label would be a beautiful fit here. On the outside, you can make use of the space to showcase your brand, logo or slogan, and you can even include another label inside the box lid with nutrition facts and ingredient information. 

    The Square Sticker:

    • If you sell chocolates, specialty bagels, or small to medium sized assorted pastry boxes, a 3” x 3” custom label could be an excellent fit for eye-grabbing packaging. Opening up a pretty box is always exciting, even if you know what’s already in there. Take advantage of this anticipatory moment and make your customers feel valued.

      4. Potential combinations/positioning

      Make your label placement process a fun activity and take advantage of the opportunity to add some (more) personality to your brand. The most wonderful thing about labels and stickers is that they are incredibly versatile and can create a different look to your entire packaging depending on how you use them.

      Play around with them to see where they look best for each product. For closed bakery boxes, this could be at the top of the box. But it doesn’t have to be perfectly centred. You could place a large sticker in any corner you see fit, and add a ribbon to tie the whole thing together. You could put your label inside your packaging, on one side, or going all the way around.

      BUT WAIT- it doesn’t have to stop there! Consider combining different sizes and shapes of labels to add a whole different look to your packaging. You could do one large label for a tin can, coffee pouch, or pastry box, with a smaller sticker to act as a closure or seal. This gives you the chance to showcase your bakery or café’s brand while still including bite-size brand information about being handmade, organic, gluten-free or locally sourced.

      5. Consider customer context 

      Another fantastic value to using stickers and labels to brand your café or bakery is being able to cater to different occasions and events. If you do any form of catering, you can benefit from having different outfits for things like a corporate event versus a baby shower. 

      If you’re a café sending out trays of sandwiches for a company meeting or luncheon, you can add more to the plate with professional, clean labels and stickers that suit up the meal. You can also take a completely different approach and give a more home-made vibe, using brown paper bag packaging enclosed with labels and stickers that make them feel like someone made them an exclusive lunch. 

      For bakeries catering to events like birthdays, anniversaries, or bridal and baby showers, you can also add some color and fun to your labels and stickers. It doesn’t have to be a costly decision and you do not by any means need a different design for each event. Start off by adding something different for these special event stickers and show your clients you want to commemorate their big day.

      Don’t be anyone’s best-kept secret café or bakery. Introduce yourself, meet their friends and family, and make them wonder how they ever (ate) without you!

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