Packaging 101: The 5 basics of custom packaging

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Packaging 101: The 5 basics of custom packaging

You’ve worked hard on your product and you’re excited for that sale, but now you’ve got to think about packaging. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you explore your packaging options:

1. Be mindful of the box 

It’s very important to consider how you will be protecting the toils of your labor. Will an envelope or thin box suffice, or does your fragile work need a little more support? Correlate the composition of your product with the extent of armour needed. You can dress down or suit up. 

2. Determine your design

Remember, designing custom packaging for your product is going beyond just a logo, or the image of your brand on a box. To create a memorable unboxing experience with packaging, here are a few design elements to consider:

Outside Appeal- 
Consider the initial impression of the shipping box holding your product. Are you considering traditional corrugated mailer boxes in brown and white, or are you hoping to create custom branded packaging so that your shipping container immediately stands out from the crowd? If printing seems expensive, use custom labels and stickers to prep up and showcase your brand.

Inner Core-
A great unboxing experience goes beyond first glance. How has the inside of the box been presented? Consider nesting or cushioning for your product, and ensure the contents have been neatly composed and organized to immediately grab your customer’s attention. Think harp music and light rays slowly emitting from a box as it opens – that’s the feeling we want to go for. 

Touch 'n Feel-
What material will you be using for your packaging supplies? Think of the boxes of products you’ve kept and the ones you’ve thrown away or (hopefully) recycled. What did you like about them? Apple product boxes have this specific sheen-like, matte texture, marking their appeal so desirable that you can actually buy empty MacBook boxes on Ebay. Aim to evoke instant feelings of quality, and you will be remembered.
Don't burden your customers with the woes of unwrapping. How many times have you picked up a product and endured the gruelling process of removing the product from its [seemingly] indestructible packaging; or had to dig through layers of tissue paper to get to what you've ordered? All that extra time and energy spent getting to the product can significantly diminish initial customer excitement, and replace those feelings with frustration and annoyance instead. Keep your unboxing experience simple by making the packaging easy-to-open and avoiding unnecessarily package filling. Ensuring a hassle-free experience for your customers is something they will always appreciate. 


3. Peg on some personality

To create that ‘wow’ experience, consider how you’re branding your packaging. You don’t want your customer to just remember they ordered something they wanted/needed, you want them to remember who you are. Consider using labels and stickers to create custom branded packaging and add a personal touch through a note card and a customized invoice. 

4. Steward the shipping

Make sure to factor in shipping prices when determining the most appropriate, cost-effective custom packaging solution for your business. Flat rate shipping options exist in Canada and the US through shipping providers like USPS, Canada Post, FedEx, and UPS, but will require you to strategically select the size of your packaging materials. Rates depend on your package size, weight, where you’re shipping to; so remember that before you send your product off in a box shaped like an enneagram.

5. Deliberate your dollars

Of course, always keep your budget in mind. Don’t go overboard with your boxes, and remember that there are ways to minimize costs and ensure affordable custom packaging. Cost effective packing ideas include branded stickers or labels, coloured packaging tape and ribbons, to add that gift-like appeal. Bear your output and quantity in mind and come up with options that can reconcile your brand’s allowance with the marketing asset of your packaging.

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July 04, 2016

Extremely useful tips, thank you!

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