Why you should use stickers and labels to create custom branded packaging

Why you should use stickers and labels to create custom branded packaging

Think of the last product you purchased. If you’re having a hard time remembering any distinguishing design features, then the packaging probably wasn’t memorable enough. 

Your product deserves to be remembered. And custom labels and stickers are a fantastic way to create the lasting impression that you want your brand to leave. 

Why use labels and stickers?
Labels and stickers are great way to suit up your product without breaking your bank. Take a gander around your kitchen and look at the packaging of the products you eat on a regular basis and/or have been sitting in your pantry for a while. 

Spoiler alert: they all have labels. A lot of the brands have labels that you’ve become so accustomed to as a regular buyer that the label acts as an extension to the product itself. Think of peanut butter as a product: I can guarantee that you can picture a label almost instantly—color, logo, layout and all. 

So, creating customized packaging does not have to be a complicated or expensive process. Branding your product can begin with the perks of labelling. 


1. Affordability

Labels and stickers are a super affordable custom packaging option for start-up, small and medium-sized businesses who want to take their product to the next level. You can ensure your product stands out from a horde of competitors while avoiding the price tag on custom printed boxes from a manufacturer. 

Let’s face it, custom packaging manufacturers do not have options designed for the up-and-comers, the little guys, or the underdogs. Most will require a minimum order that’s unnerving to guarantee straight off the box (get it??), and can lead to possessing a huge inventory of packaging that’s now digging into your profit margin. 

Labels and stickers can tie your labour into a beautifully packaged product with a professional brand presence. If you’re still picturing a gimmicky sticker- snap out of it! Our labels and stickers look like they’re printed right on the box for a fraction of the cost of custom printed boxes. You really can’t go wrong.

2. Versatility

Let's relate back to stickers for a moment. Recall from your childhood that stickers had endless possibilities as to where they would end up – on your face, furniture, walls or lockers. Similarly, product labels and stickers are extremely versatile with regards to where and how you want to place them on your packaging. You can even have different styles of labels and stickers for the same product, perhaps a large one that extends across the packaging box and a small one that acts as a seal or closure. 

You can also tailor your packaging outfit with the changing seasons or promotions, to give your product a fresh look and show your customers that you’re always trying out new things! With custom printed boxes, there’s not too much leeway for quick changes without inviting a lengthy and expensive process. To change a few words, you would have to change the entire printing plate, which means coughing up the big bucks, again. 

Labels and stickers can also keep up with the versatility of your product line. If your business offers customers a variety of products under one brand name, then you can get yourself an array of labels to suit each one. Take the example of tea subscription boxes; instead of using one custom printed corrugated box or one custom printed package, you can have unique labels for the variations in your tea line with the power to introduce new options as you build and grow your brand. 

3. Time Hack 

Labels and stickers mean a quick turnaround time and a hassle-free experience for your business. Going for the 'custom printed box' route means dealing with manufacturers, and depending on your volume – a whole lotta time. 

On the flip side, some crafters spend a lot of DIY time on their packaging to give their customers a sense of personal touch. Sometimes all the glitz and glam demonstrated through wrapping paper, tissue paper, confetti and cut-out shapes is a little over the top, while taking up a ton of hard-spent time that could be used making product. Using labeling to create custom packaging is quicker, easier, and presents a cleaner, more professional look. 

Using labels to dress your product can give you more time to spend creating what you love and what you’re so very good at. 


If product showcasing was the red carpet, we want your product to make it onto the best dressed list. Use labels and stickers to enhance your packaging and get everyone turning their heads for a second look.

Your competitors won’t stand a chance!

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