About Us

Affordable Custom Printed Boxes - Montreal, Calgary, Toronto

Over the years, the custom packaging industry has been dominated by hideous websites, long quoting processes and traditional salesmen. We wanted to step up and change the packaging game.

Co-founder Mandad Tabrizi, a user-experience designer, used to sell handmade leather goods through his online store. Everything was going great, until he had to ship his products. His products took time, and precision to make, and he wanted to extend that high quality experience to his shipping boxes.

Mandad soon realized that he couldn’t afford to order 5,000 boxes with old-school box manufacturers. Where was he going to store all those boxes? Flooding his studio apartment with boxes was not going to help his bachelor image (plus it required an exorbitant amount of cash). Mandad called friend and co-founder Faria Rahman to the rescue. With her brains and business acumen, she tried to fix Mandad’s dilemma. She soon found out that ordering 50 custom printed boxes at an affordable rate was impossible.

After sixty-something phone calls and rejections from manufacturers, the two founded Treemarc - an easy and affordable option for businesses to order custom packaging. They founded a company that they wish existed.